“If It Paid Weekly, I Did It”: My Instagram-Friendly Life On The NZ Road

I couldn’t afford to holiday in Queenstown, but if I cleaned toilets and made coffee, I could pretend to holiday on my days off.

Free Houses! Strings Attached.

“You have four years, two hands, and your wits. Can you turn this abandoned Italian house into a home?”

The Moral Conflict of Living and Working in Qatar

The place has a way of sucking you in with its material comforts and opportunities for travel. It has a way of making you forget the bad stuff or, worse, becoming inured to it.

One American’s Search for a Bank Account Abroad

Stocking up on GBP became my new hobby.

I Went to Germany to Be an Au Pair and Get a Master’s Degree for 1,000 Euros

If you’re young and dumb (under 26) you can become an au pair in Germany. If you don’t mind that the potential for exploitation is really high and the entire au pair scheme is a weird, paternalist way of prepping (mostly) young women for a life of housework and child-rearing rather than preparing them for the workforce, then it’s a pretty okay way to get far away for a long while.

An American in Israel, Navigating Credit

How credit works in Israel.

The Cost of Things in Qatar

Life as an expat in qatar.

I Can Pay for an MBA, But Not in the U.S.

How and why I went to Japan to my MBA.

The Futile Pursuit of The Chinese Dream

Mark Kitto’s essay “You Will Never Be Chinese” in The Prospect, is a fascinating look at what it’s like to live in China and earn money. Originally from the U.K., he’s lived there for 16 years, and has tried to build a life for himself and his family—the Chinese Dream if you will. He hasn’t been able to achieve it.