The Ordinary Reality of Young Adults Living With Their Parents

Why focus on juggling both sky-high rent and student debt, when you can live with your parents and focus on just one?

Not Exactly What You Think of When You Hear ‘Millennial Commune’

When I came across this article with the headline “The Millennial Commune,” I expected to read a story about young, broke millennials getting together in large houses or apartments to save on living costs and find like-minded individuals. Nope.

The Tiny Solar-Powered House

Chris and Malissa Tack didn’t want to pay $1,200 a month to rent an apartment anymore, so they decided to build their own solar-powered tiny house for $32,000 on a plot of land they rent for $300 a month. They even have a little space for their cat. [Thanks Shannon, for the pointer.]

Property Guardians

BBC’s News magazine takes a look at “extreme house-sitters,” or people who pay a minimal amount in rent to become guardians of mansions and other very large residences while they’re on the market waiting to be sold. Guardians are basically hired to live in a property to make sure it isn’t being robbed or vandalized.