What We Give Up to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Let’s start with this: San Francisco was just named the second-most expensive place to rent by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, beating out New York City. Just pause and reread that sentence one more time—here, I’ll help: beating out New York City. (Honolulu was No. 1.)

Can’t Afford to Buy, Can’t Afford to Rent

Is the rent too damn high? A Harvard study says yes, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Lifestyle Creep Is Real I’ve Seen It With My 2 Eyes 1 Bank Account

I’m two paychecks into my second job and I also got a cash infusion for my birthday. I decided I could spend $150 on whatever I wanted. I had big big plans about how I was going to spend this money, big big plans. Plans so big I couldn’t decide even. 1 new dress? 1 dinner out at my favorite favorite neighborhood restaurant? 1 new skincare regimen? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.