Have You Been Suckered Into Aromatherapy Yet?

My resistance got a little bit futile-r when I read Pacific Standard this week, where Katie Heaney makes a great case for embracing the aromatherapy placebo (and your inner East Village witch):

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs with Thermostats and YOU

Thermostats and you are a money-saving dream team.

Maybe You’re Thinking About Buying a House Right Now

Are you ready to stay in a place for at least seven years, and have some money saved up for a downpayment, and a stable job you can rely on to pay the mortgage?

Everything is Deadly

So we know that it is possible for us to die in our sleep (of natural causes, or night terrors), and now the Times magazine is reminding us that the couches in our homes could possibly be killing us if they’re full of toxic flame retardants.