Role Models and Older Women in the Workplace

Lisa Miller argues that ambitious older women don’t tend to stick around for very long, and that’s a problem for workers on the rungs below them.

When Mentors Attack

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that we place too much value in the idea that mentoring is a panacea — especially for women

Mentors Who Get Paid Are Actually Consultants

I strongly believe that having a mentor is a good thing and highly valuable while building your career, but I would never accept money to mentor anyone.

My Career Mentor, My Mother

Career mentorship just isn’t relevant until you’re an anxious college freshman (me), or a first-time entry-level employee (everyone else). But even when I started thinking about where I wanted my career path to lead, it still didn’t hit me that a fantastic source of guidance was also the source of my favorite minestrone soup recipe.

Judd Apatow Makes Me Want to Be a Mentor (And Also Have a Mentor)

Mentor/Mentee Adorable, Have Great Relationship, Made For Each Other, Perfect, Etc.