How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

NOTE: Adam and Ester saw The Dark Knight Rises together over the weekend, and then Adam saw it AGAIN on Tuesday, in IMAX. Because research.

How Much Should You Pay to See: Magic Mike

Is a movie about male strippers worth the price of admission? (Yes.)

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Ester: Hello! Ready to talk twee?
Adam: Ready to talk TWEENS.
Ester: They’re so adorable! They got me thinking about chemistry onscreen and which directors do a good job of capturing it. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a single instance where Wes Anderson has done so. But maybe I’m forgetting something?

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Avengers’

Just the fact that this movie is not offensively stupid, and that it actually surprises you and makes you laugh at points, is such an accomplishment‬. Because a hundred billion people would have gone to see it anyway.

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Five-Year Engagement’

Adam: And also like, trying to be good to each other. A lot of the conflict in this movie arises from how hard it is for the two of them to do right by each other.

‘Titanic 3D’: Leo’s Still Swoonworthy, But is it Worth Watching Again?

Would you pay more than $5 to see Titanic for the first time, or does the ticket price go down because this is a repeat viewing?