What $496.42 in Ikea Furniture Looks Like

My Ikea furniture arrived, and I wanted to show you all the finished project.

My Sort-Of Spending Freeze

I ended up spending $784.85 on apartment stuff, and only getting $257.50 back on my deposit, which means, roughly, that the $500 I wanted to put into my savings account got spent on my apartment instead.

Why I Gave Up on Thrift Stores and Craigslist and Dropped $496.42 at Ikea

I might have considered buying Saggy the Couch if it hadn’t cost about the same as the low-end stuff at Ikea.

The Things We Buy To Pretend We’re Someone Else

So when I was out shopping for all of my kitchen essentials I told myself I would buy one treat. One beautiful thing that would make my apartment feel like a real, grown-up home. That’s how I ended up paying $19.99 for an essential oil diffuser.

In Which I Think of a Really Good Reason to Use Amazon Prime Now

It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’m supposed to have an opinion about all of these gig economy services, and the opinion is supposed to be “they’re bad!” and I’m becoming less sure.

What $990 In Rent Gets You In Seattle

When you pay $990 in the 10th most expensive rental market in the country, you get a lot of good things—but you don’t get everything.

Habits I Plan to Change When I Move Into My New Apartment Tomorrow

I will wake up an hour earlier every day. I will buy fresh flowers every week. I will not archive email on the toilet.

The Cost of Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator Prior to Moving

I want to put off the inevitable $25-per-day takeout hole for as long as possible—but I’ve still spent roughly $25 on dinner in the past three days, and I have six days left to go.

Can I Furnish a One-Bedroom Apartment on $437?

I’m curious whether I should be thinking about these furniture pieces as “for now” pieces or “investment” pieces, so I’d love your thoughts on that. At what point do I start buying items for the rest of my life, for lack of a better phrase?

The People You Have to Trust to Rent an Apartment

First, you have to trust that the Craigslist post is real.