I Tried To Negotiate. It Cost Me $1,000

Ask for more, Nicole and I encouraged each other. As long as you’re polite about it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Be Grateful. But Don’t Let Them Use That Against You.

“You should be grateful for the opportunity and the exposure that we are offering you.”

Should You Treat Job Interviews Like Hostage Negotiations?

These tactics are about flipping the balance of power between you and your interviewer, but they only work if there is an actual balance of power to be flipped.

It’s Time to Ask for a Raise

How to ask for a raise

How to Negotiate That Job Offer

By my count, in the last five years, I have negotiated around three dozen job offers.

Bargaining for a Work Day at Home

Sara Uttech, a 42-year-old working mom who works for a nonprofit, was less interested in “leaning in” and more interested in figuring out a way to make her schedule more flexible so she could both be a breadwinner, and never miss any of her kids’ baseball games. So she went to her boss and asked her boss if she could work at home on Fridays, which she says is probably the career move she is proudest of. Uttech wants a rewarding career, but she also wants a flexible one—one that also allows her to have time for herself, like the book club that allows her “to just be a woman for a few hours, not a worker and not a mom or any other title.”

10 Possible Reasons Why My Hot Yoga Studio Didn’t Respond to My Respectful Plea for a Discounted Membership Now That My Groupon For 1 Cheap Month Has Expired

1. Garish neon sports bra distracting, jarring against cool muted raspberry color themes of rest of studio and undulating creamy aurora print of very popular Lululemon tops everyone has.


Lean In is now inspiring women everywhere to seek out a better paycheck (also hot dogs—we should all want the last hot dog).

P.S. In Response to Your Request for Salary Requirements

How to get the salary you want and deserve.

Other Things to Ask for During Salary Negotiations

Last night, I was on a panel with bunch of fine people from around the Web answering questions from students about the ins and outs of working on the Internet. There was a moment when we started discussing salary negotiations, and Alex Leo and I stressed that you should always ask for what you’re worth, and that women have a tendency to undervalue themselves