How To Get A Grown-Up Job In D.C., 67 Weeks And 100 Coffees Later

When asked about a salary range, say, “Something that starts with a six.”

How Networking Can Work

I’ve had the most success with informational interviews by treating them as regular conversations.

To Connect or Not

Vivek Wadhwa, a columnist for The Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek, has a post on LinkedIn about who he decides to add to his LinkedIn network. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s advice is to only add people to LinkedIn who you personally know, but Wadhwa created his own system of deciding who to add to his network.

So Like Here’s My Business Card With My Contact Info Or Whatever Cool

The Racial Component of Favoritism

In the Times this weekend, Nancy DiTomaso, a professor of management and global business at Rutgers Business School, discussed some of the research she has done examining how favoritism has played a part in driving inequality and unemployment numbers in the U.S.—especially among African Americans, whose unemployment rate still hovers over 13 percent.

Alone in a New City

I messaged him. He never wrote back.