A Low-Rent ‘Little Mermaid’

I had finally relented to the suggestion a friend had made several months ago. The plan was to dress up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and sing her hallmark songs down by the Cathedral, where the tourists passed by all day like lemmings.

Craigslist, ETC.

For a few months in the fall of 2012, I became something of an expert in Craigslist studies. A recent college graduate, I was a part-time unpaid intern and part-time retail employee. New to New York, I lived with four other underemployed recent grads in a three-bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy, sleeping on the top bunk of an IKEA children’s bunk bed called “TROMSO.” I was living mainly on graduation gift money and savings from a summer spent working at UPS, supplemented by my $10 an hour retail gig. After one too many meals of $1 Trader Joe’s spaghetti noodles, I found a solution: Craigslist studies.

‘I Had the Job. What Was It? I Wasn’t Sure’

As I continued to do my non-work for my non-boss in my non-office, as small but essential three-figure payments appeared, almost by magic, in my bank account each week, I wondered if maybe the screens were beside the point. Perhaps, I was part of some bizarre money-laundering operation.

Job of the Day: Maker of Life-Size Sex Dolls

Want to Be a Netflix Tagger?

Job of The Day: City Hall Wedding Officiant

I came across this old Times piece yesterday and it made me cry in a coffee shop. It is about James Mitchell, who works in the Manhattan Marriage Bureau performing city hall weddings all day. He and his mustache perform about 200 weddings a week, which can be emotionally exhausting and is definitely still a job, but one Mitchell loves and excels at, “surrounded by love all day.”

Rides for a Dollar a Minute

I’d met the rickshaw boys the summer before. I worked in the fast food stand on the corner, sweating over the deep fryer in my company-issued apron and ball cap. They parked their rickshaws across the way, at the mouth of a pedestrian alley in the tourist-filled heart of historic downtown Ottawa. They came by a few times a day to refill their water bottles, flirt and beg for free slushies. We both stayed on our feet until bar close—I fed the drunks and they hauled them home—and once I got my fake ID I started joining them on their Monday nights out, the only night of the week that they took off work.

What It’s Like to Work as a Professional Frozen Food Taster

Matthew is a 24-year-old freelance illustrator and a former professional “sensory panelist” for a frozen foods company. We recently talked about his experience eating french fries and other frozen fried foods for four hours a day, three days a week over the course of eight months. “I’d come home with huge blisters in my mouth from the salt,” Matthew said. He earned $4,200.

Considering a Career In Sword-Swallowing?

Rose Eveleth at Smithsonian Mag outlines some of the health risks (believe it) and membership requirements that come with joining The Sword Swallowers’ Association (rule #1: no collapsible swords).

The Wild World of Voiceover Acting

The Village Voice‘s Heather Baysa went to a seminar for aspiring voice-over artists to learn about the biz and rub elbows with industry vets like the voice of Hulu, the guy who played 47 different actors in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original series, and the man responsible for the Law & Order intro.

Apparently like anywhere else, networking is key and puberty can ruin you.