The Trouble With Shopping for Swimsuits on Amazon

It’s weird to think about the concept of “trusted brands” as if it were a thing you actually believed in, but when you’re looking at rows and rows of Amazon swimsuit listings, there it is: you see a bunch of retailers you’ve never heard of, alongside digitally altered models who are clearly not wearing the suits that have been photoshopped onto their bodies, and you can’t trust any of it.

What Your Sex Life Has to do with Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg

His estimate for how much money he has spent on first dates in the past six months was $1,000. “That’s approximating $15 per, because a first date is one drink: I take her to a bar and then I get a beer, and following suit she usually gets a beer too, even if she leaves half of it, so it’s not too bad.”

How To End Up With Oscar, “the Uber of Health Insurance”

Let’s Go Shopping for Health Care Plans! Pt 1

Picking health insurance is almost as much fun as going wedding dress shopping for a friend, except it isn’t at all, it’s boring with a hint of danger because if you mess it up you will pay and pay and pay.

The Underground Economy Online

The Internet makes it very easy to buy illegal goods online—especially thanks to alternative currencies like Bitcoin which hackers are trying to make untraceable.

Buying Everything Online Helps Me Keep Track of My Spending

Websites that keep all previous orders available to view are great for keeping track of how much you spend on the Internet. Amazon is my go-to website for buying, well, pretty much anything, because it’s often cheaper to shop online than in stores in New York City. Plus, I don’t have to carry anything home on the subway. I calculated and reviewed my totals for this year so far. Here’s what I’ve bought, and what I’ve spent.