Am I An Adult Woman If I Can’t Handle Sephora?

So, news alert: I went into the gaping maw that is Sephora last night, for maybe the second time in my life, and I offer this as a follow-up, albeit inconclusive, to the question Logan posed this summer, “Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?”

I was having one of those moments where you’re walking down the street on your way to somewhere and you glance into Sephora and think, “Is tonight the night I start wearing lipstick and instantly become a more attractive version of myself for the mere price of $36, or should I keep walking?” Well I don’t know what came over me, but last night I shifted from foot to foot, took a swig of my water bottle, then dashed in.

Opportunity Cost: The Olympics

Time is money, so they say. How much did the Olympics cost you, Julie?

Time spent watching the Olympics (prostrate on the couch with snacks, at bars, during friends’ housewarming parties, etc.): 21 hours

Opportunity Cost: Season 2 of ‘The Voice’

Time is money, so they say. How much is the time I spent watching ‘The Voice’ worth?