Communist Work Experience

In Aeon, Elena Seymenliyska wrote about her “communist work experience” and applying for her first job after she moved to the U.K. from Bulgaria. It’s lovely.

The Lives of RPA Pilots

Mother Jones has a photo essay looking at drone pilots, or, as they preferred to be called, pilots of remotely piloted aircrafts (RPAs).

An American Story

Neil Reisner is 60 years old and is on the verge of losing the home that he and his wife and two children have lived in for the past few years.

A Homeless Woman, Remembered

This obituary of Pamela Jennings, a professional beggar in Soho, London in The Telegraph is a delight.

The Only American Designer for Hermès

His name is Kermit Oliver.

Living in China’s Underworld

Over at the Financial Times, Singaporean photographer Sim Chi Yin has an amazing photo series of people who moved to Beijing in search of a better life, but can only afford to live underground in single rooms without windows (the ones that do have windows have views of what appears to be just never-ending darkness).