The Cost Of A Constructive Hobby: Knitting My Own Sweaters

$25 an hour for 80.5 hours of work is $2012.50. If I were to be paid for my labor, this sweater would be stupidly expensive.

The Cost Of A Comic Book Hobby

According to Comixology, I have bought over 482 comic books in the past five years. This of course doesn’t include the 13 physical trade volumes I have in my library at my home, which brings the total to 495.

The Cost of Stress Baking

Part of my first paycheck went to celebratory cupcake ingredients.

When Budget Beauty Starts to Hurt

None of my jobs pay me well enough to support an emotionally fueled makeup addiction.

The Cost of Things: Crossfit, Lifting, and Making It to Provincials

I got new weightlifting shoes, $220. One shoe says, “go forth and…” and the other shoe says, “…dominate”

The Cost of Things: Staying Sane By Riding Horses In NYC

Horses connect me to my personal and collective past and I think without them I would die a sad, slow, urban death.