Telecommuting Into Robots Is a Real Thing

There are now multiple telepresence robotics companies, and Wired’s Emily Dreyfuss has been telecommuting into a robot body since May.

Why Self-Driving Trucks Are an Argument for Basic Income

Scott Santens’ thesis is that we need to start planning now for a Basic Income because as we continue to automate jobs like truck driver, we’ll need some kind of basic survival income to provide for all the people who become unemployed.

A New Way to Work From Home: Telecommute Into a Robot Body

We have a long way to go before we get to the point where everyone will be as happy to see a Beam robot as they are to see a real person, but this signifies a huge possibility shift in the way we approach work and the work-life balance.

How to Make Sure You Do Not Lose Your Job to a Robot

The WaPo writes that ethics are going to be in high demand, and that robots might not have the ethics we need to solve the complicated problems of the future, like “should we program robots to make unethical decisions so that we can maintain superiority over them and keep our jobs.”