The New Yorker on David Graeber

The New Yorker has a profile of David Graeber, who had a very early role in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A Rift in the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement found new life and direction in Occupy Sandy, gaining the approval of a lot of people who were formerly wary of the movement’s radicalism. While the Red Cross struggled to respond quickly, volunteers from Occupy Sandy immediately got into the trenches and raised $1.5 million in relief efforts. But Occupy Sandy—which worked with corporations like Home Depot and applied for government grants—has also caused an ideological rift in the movement.

A Look Back at Occupy

Quinn Norton was Wired’s correspondent for the Occupy Movement, and today, she has a 7,500 piece up on the site looking back on what she experienced, and what worked and what failed.

May Day

Stay safe out there and godspeed.