The Cost Of a Bachelor Party in New Orleans

When I was invited to a dear friend from college’s bachelor party in New Orleans—a six day affair over Memorial Day weekend—I said yes without thinking, scouring for a $300 ticket and quickly Venmo’ing $200 for an Airbnb.

Hosting a Brunch in a Small Apartment for 40 People

Once a year, my roommate and I say “screw it” to our just-big-enough-for-two two-bedroom and invite all our nearest and dearest and then some to come hang out in our apartment, all at once, to be fed.

Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

Fortune claims that 90% of offices are planning parties in 2014. Get out those reindeer headbands!

Parties on a Budget: The Six-Pack Swap

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a Classy Adult Apartment, and to celebrate, we wanted to have a Classy Adult Housewarming. We considered having a beer and cheese tasting party (à la this) but decided it was out of our tiny budget, and more importantly, we would rather just buy cheese and eat it ourselves. We eventually decided on a beer-swapping party.