Uh Oh, Marco Rubio: How Money Savvy Should A Candidate Be?

The point of the Times piece is not that Rubio has made one or two mistakes with money but that there is a discernible “imprudent” pattern in his behavior.

All Right So How Should We Pay For College Then

if being middle-class means being able to prepare your children (plural!) for a four-year college, means being “well-off enough to give them an education,” that means having hundreds of thousands of dollars at your disposal.

Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

When a Democrat is at the lectern, there are abstract calls for more economic fairness: a higher minimum wage; higher taxes on the 1%. When Republicans respond, there are abstract accusations of class warfare and being unfair to job creators. It’s easy to get into the rhythm, to assume nothing will change: everyone will bluster for a while and then settle down and we’ll go on as we were, as untouched in our everyday lives by politics as we are by the music of the spheres.

Since Buying This Election Didn’t Work, Will Big Business Give Up on Buying Elections?

Um What Is the Point of Being Rich if You Aren’t Going to Try to Buy the Election?!?