Class Matters: How ‘Carol’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ Do Money

This is an issue fairy tales don’t address. Once Cinderella and Prince Charming defeat all obstacles and are at last together, married, and alone, how on earth do they relate to each other?

The Most Bought Books And The Most Pirated Movies

The most pirated film of the year is a film about thieves and crooks. That sounds about right.

The Most Stolen Books and The Most Downloaded Song

Billfold pal Jessica Gross (who recently talked about having control issues when it comes to working as a freelancer and earning money) has a series of delightful short pieces about popular culture in the recent issue of The New York Times Magazine. She talked to a bookshop about the most popular stolen books (besides Bukowski, books by Jack Kerouac, Paul Auster, William S. Burroughs, and Don DeLillo are frequently stolen), and talked to a wedding D.J. about the most popular song ever downloaded (“I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eye Peas).

How Star Trek Does Money

In what must be the nerdiest nerdgasm posted to the Internet in the last 24 hours, Slate economics blogger Matt Yglesias has watched every episode of every series of Star Trek and shared his thoughts about what makes the series’ great.