Hank and John Green on the Decoupling of Productivity and Wages

Today, if you’ve got eight minutes, consider watching these two Vlogbrothers videos from Hank and John Green about the decoupling of productivity and wages.

On Productivity Anxiety

I no longer tacitly accept sleep as a biological imperative. It has become an earned indulgence, something I only deserve when I have labored according to cartoonish standards of diligence.

What Correlates To Productivity in Kids And Nations Alike?

Protesting the Standing Desk and Working in Bed

The New Republic’s Ben Crair, partly in defiance of the “standing desk evangelism,” decided he was going to try working from his bed for a several days in a row (it’s a stunt story, yes).

Putting “Take 2:16 p.m. Caffeine Nap” on the Schedule

If you need an excuse to drink coffee and take a quick cat nap later this afternoon, just argue that it’ll reboot you and make you work more effectively for the rest of the day.

Working More Creatively and Productively with the Right Amount of Noise

The founders of Coffitivity started the site after discovering that they were much more productive working from a coffee shop than they were in their “subdued and sterile office.” The site has been popular—Seoul, Korea being the city with the highest users, followed by New York, London, L.A., and Chicago respectively.

Successful People Take Naps And You Should Too