Things Vs Experiences, Take Two

Go ahead and buy that guitar, then, or those roller blades, or that SLR camera — but only if you’re going to commit to getting good.

Happiness Might Not Max Out At $75K After All

More $ = more :), period.

Appreciating Success, In 15 Second Increments

It’s easier, somehow, to kick myself for losing money years ago than to pat myself on the back for saving it last summer.

CEO Lowers His Salary to $70,000, Raises Employees’ Salaries to $70,000

Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, just announced that he would lower his million-dollar salary to $70,000 in order to pay all of his employees at least $70,000.

Let’s Enjoy Pictures of Men in Suits

“Money Can’t Buy Happiness; It is Happiness”: A State-By-State Analysis

Because Anything is Cheaper than Divorce

Don’t get divorced. It’s an expensive, stressful process that makes an enemy out of the person you once chose above all others in front of your friends and family, people who, by the way, each spent $60-$300 on a wedding gift — and, most likely, much more on clothes, babysitters, travel, and lodging — to celebrate your deathless love.