Relationships Are Needs, Not Wants

Going to a professional development workshop will put me in contact with other writers and editors in Seattle. Going to see Hamilton will put me in New York, where I’ll get to visit my NYC clients and (I hope) say hi to Mike and Ester in person. These are wants, but they’re also relationship-building wants—and I need relationships.

Hell Is Other People’s Spending. Specifically My BF’s.

He tells me he has $20 in his checking account and receives exactly 10 minutes of pity from me before he reveals that it’s because he bought a new, ultra-slim wallet he saw in GQ, or a new watch even though he already has a bunch, or, my least favorite, gun parts.

When Going Broke Made My Marriage Stronger

It’s crazy to think that before his work dried up (an ever-present threat to freelancers) we didn’t really have a budget.

In My Time of Need, a Rich Friend Helped Me Put Together a Budget

I lost a job, suffered through a broken engagement, and worried about my five-figure credit card debt. Enter Rich Friend and her fountain pen.

Dating Up: A Profit and Loss Report

Our relationship was a smoothie blend of hotel living, boozy dinners, plane tickets, and general money wastage.

The Delicate Nature of Planning a Wedding When Your Parents Are Divorced

My parents had already been divorced for several years when I approached them with the question about how we’d pay for the wedding, but tensions between them were still quite high.

You Think You Know How Much Your Partner Earns But You Think You Know How Planes Fly Too

There is a mystery sleeping in bed with you every night, a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Snoopy pajamas, and you should shake it awake, ideally at 4:23 AM, and demand that it reveal its secrets.

My Father-in-Law and My Wedding

Kevin slapped my back, and then gave me a long, tight hug. As he held me, I thought about how he had walked in one day to the reception venue that I had slowly been paying off during the year before our wedding. He had asked for the remaining amount and paid it off.

It Felt Weird When He Paid

Daniel was older than I was—beyond the half-your-age-plus-seven rule. He had a home and career in Seattle. I was still hustling for jobs to establish savings.

The Long Distance Approach to Getting Over It

Just like a sublet, romance can be temporary; breakups are a necessary part of the equation, and they make people do silly, costly things.