Landlords Threaten Tenants With PIs, Eviction Over AirBnB

City landlords are used to price-gouging. It’s just that they’re customarily the ones doing it.

A True Professional Would Sleep In the Car

Continuing the discussion of microhousing, living close to the office to accommodate the endless workday, and gentrifying behaviors that are unavailable to people who are actually homeless.

Why Have Housing When You Can Have Micro-Housing

This seems to be where we are headed, those of us living in urban areas—all the way through to our senior years.

What $1K In Rent Gets A Brother And A Sister In D.C. (Spoiler Alert: Unfairness Ahead)

Living in Washington D.C. can kill a bank account fast. Sleeping in a closet in the nation’s capital can zap the soul even quicker.

Professor Dumpster Goes From a Dump Home to a Smarthome—And You Can Too!

Professor Dumpster has finally had an idea that I can get behind. It’s called Kasita.

Amy Schumer Still Rents an Apartment With a Murphy Bed

Schumer’s current apartment is a step up from her previous digs, where she and a roommate paid $1,275 to share a Chinatown studio.

The Rent, Yes, Is Too Damn High, Etc.

Here’s something you’ve perhaps noticed on your own: rents have been getting crazy high!

The Rent Is Officially Too Damn High For ‘Pretty Much Everyone’

People who are spending 50-70% of their take-home pay on rent can’t pay down their student loans or save for retirement, meaning that more of them will end up depending on social services later on.

How Apartment Hunting Is Different From Shoes Shopping

What becomes immediately obvious, when you start apartment hunting, is that there are no apartments.

Brokers I Have Known

We found out where the closest laundromat was because after waiting half an hour, my roommate had to pee so badly that we went in a frantic search of the closest public restroom.