Los Angeles Still Has a Drought Going On, But That Didn’t Stop One Mansion From Running Up a $90,000 Water Bill

As we work on our sub-savings accounts and trying to make the cheapest homemade muesli possible, take heart in the knowledge that some people spend more money on water than many of us make in a year.

2016 Presidential Contenders, Ranked By Richness

The one thing we know for sure? The next inhabitant of the Oval Office will be rich.

It’s Not Your Imagination. Rich People ARE Jerks, Says Science

“The proportion of jerkdom among the rich appears to be substantially higher than among the general population.”

How the Rich Respond in Drought Conditions

Let’s say there was a shortage of some particularly essential natural resource. If someone used their personal wealth to hoard that resource for non-essential purposes, keeping it from people who needed it for life and health reasons, that would be… well, dystopian, right?

How Much Do You Tip The Valet

What Moonves should do is send the valet’s kids to college, or at least give them roles as extras on “Two And A Half Men.”

Oprah Is Or Is Not The Richest Black Woman In The World

The Lifestyles of the Super Rich and Forbes Famous

Rich People Magazine: Summer 2014 Edition

The summer edition of WSJ. Money is out, AKA, Rich People Magazine (or as editor Mike Miller put it, the magazine “for people who are voyeuristically interested in the high end and are at the high end”), and it doesn’t disappoint.

Does Having Money Make You Trustworthy?

The Tricky Business of Criticizing Big Philanthropy

Dissent has published a smart primer by Joanne Barkan on “how to effectively criticize big philanthropy.” The piece uses education reform as a way to talk about how unregulated mega-foundations can exert influence on policy outside of the democratic process. Barkan talks us through a few common “challenges” you might hear when, say, you have a little too much wine at a dinner party and decide it’s time to be that guy.