High Incomes, Little Savings

If you have a well-paying job, but can’t seem to shake off the feeling that you’re not making much financial progress when it comes to saving, Quartz has the article for you.

Cheap v. Frugal

There is a difference between Cheap and Frugal.

Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

I Have a Savings Account for the First Time in My Adult Life

I am bad at saving money, though I really shouldn’t be. I have been in enough situations in my life where a savings account with anything in it would have been a great help, and while I consider myself excellent at budgeting (or at least having a very clear idea of how much is in my checking account at all times), I generally subscribe to the school of thought made popular by 2 Chainz: It’s mine, I spend it.

The Hardest $270 I’ve Ever Saved

Despite being a socialist utopia in many other ways, you still have to pay for prescriptions and dental care in Canada. Luckily, I was on my father’s insurance plan, but that luck was set to run out on my birthday.

Getting Renters to Save

Josh Barro proposes a plan to get renters to save through a myRA-for-renters scheme.

Get Rich Slowly “If You Can”

Bernstein’s manual is as readable as his facts are sobering. (None of us have pensions! We’re screwed!) The most important thing you can do is to save 15% of your income starting at age 25, he says. It will get you in the habit of saving, which is good because, get ready, there’s lots more saving to do.

Piggy Banks vs. Savings Accounts for Kids

At Motherlode, Ron Lieber wonders when the right time is for his kids to switch from saving money in a jar or piggy bank to a savings account at the bank. Lieber says there is value for kids to see their pile of money growing in a bank at home—money that they can actually hold in their hands if they wanted to. He points to David Owen’s book, The First National Bank of Dad which had a chapter on this argument

A Financial Adviser Plans Her Holiday Spending

I am frequently asked for suggestions on saving money over the holidays, so I thought I’d share some ideas that have helped me.