For-Profit Colleges Continue to Receive Billions in Federal Aid Despite Being Sued by Everyone

What if your sub-par for-profit college doesn’t go bankrupt, and instead continues to pilfer billions of dollars in federal money and put you in debt despite being sued or investigated by prosecutors in your state?

Fighting Back Against Craigslist Money Order Scammers

Who here has had a run-in with the Craigslist Money Order Scam? Today Rebecca Watson at Skepchick writes about how she fought back against this scam.

Price-fixing Around the World

Hey Canadians, did you ever notice any weird changes in the price of your chocolate in the last few years?

The Black Market for Your Identity

How much is your social media identity worth on the black market, and what are people willing to pay for it? That varies depending on what kind of following you have, but a package with your name, social security number, credit card number, and mother’s maiden name will go for about $5.

Credit Card Fraud, in Action

And so begins Andy Welch’s story about how some fraudsters convinced him to mail his bank card to them and also give them his pin number. The things you willingly hand over when you’re convinced you’re talking to a trusted authority on the phone.

Spam With a News Peg (Genius)

This email showed up in my inbox yesterday.

The Old Expired Student ID Scam

The Kid on the Subway Train

On my home from the office last night, a kid, about 10 years old or so, got on my subway car and announced that he was selling packages of cookies for a dollar to raise money to buy school supplies.

I’ve heard this song and dance before, of course: A kid gets on the subway car and announces that he or she is selling M&Ms for his or her basketball team, or so that he or she can stay off the street and go to college. It’s an easy story to fall for if you haven’t already heard it a million times, which I have, and why I’ve come to train myself to ignore the announcement, burying my head into my book, or whatever I’m reading on my phone.

The 0-Hour Workweek is Sometimes a Scam

I am a self-diagnosed workaholic, which means I actually like working, and being at work. So the idea of a 0-hour workweek scares me a little because I can’t imagine working zero hours a week, but being able to earn money somehow.