How We Got Stuck With Gogo’s Terrible In-flight Wi-Fi

Sam Grobart has a very good piece in Bloomberg explaining how Gogo became the largest in-flight internet provider in the U.S., and how it earned $409 million in 2014 despite, well, everyone complaining how bad the service is.

Adventures With a Dinner Kit Delivery Service

A few months before she left New York, my friend Audrey started experimenting with menu-delivery services. For about $60 per week, companies like Blue Apron and Plated will drop off ingredients for multiple dinners for two people; each ice-packed box contains recipe cards, plastic-encased protein and vegetables, and mini-bottles of seasonings like marjoram to miso. Cooking from these “dinner kits” largely replaced our regular restaurant outings—once or twice a week, Audrey would invite me over or bring her ingredients to my kitchen, I’d buy a bottle of wine or dessert, and we’d cook, drink, eat and talk.

The Lies We Buy

CNN reports that a company called Paladin Deception Services will lie to whomever you’d like for $54 a month. They’ll do things like create a fake employer for potential employers to call, or make up alibis for workers who want to play hooky or cheat on their partners. But the people using the services are mostly job seekers who want to make up an employment history or get a fake reference.