What Were People Shopping for on Black Friday? Guns

As Ester wrote earlier this year, our culture often uses images of guns to sell other products—but this is a sober reminder that guns don’t have any trouble selling themselves.

Retailers Bending Gender for Profit, Still Lag Miserably Behind Comic Books

It’s 2015, and toymakers are finally re-evaluating how they market some items only to one gender.

The ‘Year-After Effect’

“A year after I buy something, and wear it frequently, I realise how bad it is.”

When Buying in Bulk Results in Waste

Holthaus argues that the easiest way to help cut down on waste is to avoid buying so many perishable items in bulk by buying fewer items and shopping more frequently.

What Price Perfection: Bathing Suit Shopping, Round Two

Over $200 for a bathing suit, though? One bathing suit, and it doesn’t apply sunblock for you or tell you it’s time to turn over or watch out for that rip tide or anything?

The Luxury Bag vs. the Unemployed Reporter

Financially, things have not been going well for me since July 17, 2014, when I was laid off by the newspaper where I worked for eighteen months. That’s 10 months without full-time work, folks. Recently my unemployment ran out. In January my father died. I’ve had two sprained ankles for I don’t know how long. It’s kind of been a mess.

What Is It Like To Go Luxury Shopping In Sweats

Some high-end salespeople will be courteous even if you’re in sweatpants, but don’t count on it.

Plus-Size Shops Vs Plus-Size Shoppers

Fear-Based Spending vs Hope-Based Spending

Weed Sells Like Hotcakes! Who Knew?