Every Day Farmers Are Hustling

In Modern Farmer, Twilight Greenaway writes about the side hustle smaller farms have to do to make up for the losses incurred through traditional farming activities. Some create artisanal products to sell at farmer’s markets, while others put together corn mazes, petting zoos and other activities and sell admission. Some market their farms as a great place to have a wedding, or start running on-farm caf├ęs and restaurants. I’d be into visiting those farms and doing all those things.

How My Danish Friend Paid Off His Debt By Becoming A Gay Prostitute

On the night when he first began his transition from IT administrator to freelance prostitute, Henrik opened the Excel file called “personal economy.” He had taken out a loan of 50,000 kroner ($8,500) to pay for the kitchen remodel, and had overdrafted his credit cards in New York. He was paying them off, but not fast enough. He was still 40,000 kroner ($7,000) in debt.