Doing Your Taxes The Night Before

I have been gathering paperwork and sending things to my account for my 2013 taxes since early February, but a week or so ago I was chatting with Mike and declared I would do it myself this year. I won’t be making much money — how hard could it be? Then he reminded me that the first quarterly payment for freelancers is due at the same time as my 2013 taxes. Oh, great, okay. I opened this puppy up in a tab, left it open for a week, and then last night — April 13th — I decided now was the time. I got out a notebook and inhaled deeply. For the next four hours. Rather than write 3000 words about this experience I will fast forward to deciding at midnight last night I would do the ‘make an educated guess and throw some money at the government to cover my ass, rounded up to the nearest hundred’ method.