Would You Spend $2,000 On a Sporting Event? Two of You Said, ‘Yes’

Two Billfold readers emailed us to say that, yes, they did spend a significant amount of money on sports tickets, so I chatted with them to learn their stories.

Are You Ready For Some Fully Taxable Football?

Big news for NFL fans: in a move that multiple news sources call “largely symbolic,” the National Football League has decided to eliminate its tax-exempt status and become a fully taxable entity.

Is There Anything So Unpleasant We Won’t Pay to Do It For Fun?

Ruling Declares College Football Players University Employees

In a stunning ruling that has the potential to revolutionize college athletics, a federal agency said Wednesday that football players at Northwestern University can create the nation’s first college athlete’s union.

The decision by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board means it agrees football players at the Big Ten school qualify as employees under federal law and therefore can legally unionize.

Whoa, via Politico.

An NFL Hall-of-Famer Who Pays His Own Bills

Abstaining From Football For The Super Bowl

Steve Almond, lover of football, writes for the NYT Magazine about why he won’t be watching the Super Bowl this year.