Female Victors Get Paid One-Quarter Of Male Losers’ Consolation Prize

The winning female team makes not much more than what every male team makes simply for showing up.

Warren Buffett Bets You Won’t Have a Perfect March Madness Bracket

Anyone here think they have a good chance of putting together the perfect bracket when March Madness comes around soon? Warren Buffett doesn’t think you have a good chance. In fact, Warren Buffett thinks your odds are so terrible that he is willing to write a $1 billion check to the person who comes up with a perfect NCAA tournament bracket, because when you are wealthy you can offer that kind of thing and mean it. My method of putting together brackets has been doing it by “feel” rather than knowledge of any of the teams, so I probably won’t be sitting with Warren Buffett at the final game while he roots against me, but maybe that person will be you.