How a Teacher in Tennessee Does Money

I am trying to find the balance between splurging and really needing to replace long-worn out items. Where is it?

Here’s One Way to Pay Off Your Student Loans in a Year

Langellier doesn’t say exactly how much debt he has, but he does say that it is in the “tens of thousands.” He begins working as a trucker in October 2014; by April 2015, the debt is paid off.

The Things I Tell Myself to Deal With My $200K Student Debt Burden

They’ve been steadily growing since I finished grad school in 2011, and the things I tell myself to cope with this have been evolving at a similar rate.

A Pre-Thanksgiving Student Loan Tweetstorm

Logan messaged me to say that I should post about our pal Lauren Rodrigue’s recent tweetstorm about her student debt.

I Could Have Avoided Student Debt, But Have No Regrets

Financially, it was a plainly hideous decision, but it was the right one for me.

The Stress of Budgeting for Grad School Right Before You Get Married

I made the grad school choice late last fall, independent of the fact that my fiance and I had happily scheduled our small, 14-person wedding for early September 2015.

When Non-High Earners Attempt to Refinance Their Student Loans

With HENRYs encountering roadblocks when trying to refinance their student loans, I was interested in seeing if non-HENRYs had any luck with getting better interest rates for their loans.

Can You Refinance Your Student Loans? Sure, If You’ve Got the Dough

Why getting a lower interest rate on your student loan can be near-impossible.

How to Lose a Student Debt Load in 180 Days

I graduated in 2014, with my hat in my hand and $8,000 owed to the Department of Education. While $8,000 was only about a third of the average student debt, it was a terrifying number for me.

What Can You Do When Your Student Loan Provider Hikes Up Your Monthly Payments?

My student loan provider raised my monthly student loan payment from $774.12 a month to $1,212.41 a month and it’s inhumane.