The Life-Altering Decisions We Let 17-Year-Olds Make About Loans

“Sallie Mae can take care of it,” my high school guidance counselor told me. “Or the bank. You’ll get the loans you need and they you’ll pay them back. It’s not a big deal. Everyone does it.”

Federal Government Forgives Corinthian Colleges Student Loans

When your school uses high-pressure tactics to recruit you, gives you a sub-standard education, goes bankrupt, closes, and is under charges of fraud, the federal government will forgive your student loans. That’s what it takes.

A Guide To Anthropomorphizing Your Student Loan Lender

In the six-plus years that I had been paying the piper, the adorable name Sallie Mae always felt like an insult. I longed for them to just call it Student Loan Corp. or Purgatory, Inc. or something.

Simplifying Student Loan Payments

Karen Weise at Businessweek breaks down a proposal from a group of “student-aid advocacy and research organizations” whose aims are to simplify student loan repayment. The plan includes “auto-IBR,” or automatically enrolling all federal student loan borrowers in a repayment plan based on income, and then collecting payments through an employer withholding system. Whoa now.

Two States Offer Proposals to Pay for College; Economists Like Neither of Them

Two states Oregon and Tennessee consider two new ways to fund college tuition: Tennessee is considering the “Tennessee Promise,” which proposes free tuition for two years of community college or technical school and would be funded through sales of lottery tickets. Oregon is considering “The Pay It Forward” program, which I’ve previously discussed here, in which students would pay no tuition upfront—rather they’d pay a small percentage of their income for a set number of years after graduating from college.

Why Borrowers Aren’t Taking Advantage of IBR

Inside Higher Ed has an article about why so many governement student loan borrowers who could benefit from the income-based repayment (IBR) program don’t apply for it—the two main reasons being that many people don’t know that the program exists, or if they do, they find the process of applying for the program too complex.

Drafting a Letter to Sallie Mae

“To my tormentor, demon of my nightmares, cloud over my sunny days; to Sallie Mae.”

An Annotated Transcript of Poor Student Loan Choices

Making great decisions with my student loans.

Let’s Talk About Student Loans Some More

Whenever someone writes a new, big feature on student loan debt, I’m all over it. The cost of going to college is getting out of control, and having an on-going discussion about how to fix it is a good thing.

Navigating Student Loan System Quick, Easy (Or, The Opposite of That)

One way to get your student loan mess figured out.