Keeping the Junk

I found myself stuck at home with a bad ankle this weekend, so I did what I normally do when I’m stuck at home: I cleaned.

Man Doesn’t Want Cell Phone

The cell phone has existed for about 40 years now, and Gary Sernovitz has an essay in the Wall Street Journal explaining why he’s never had one, and has been happy to go without. I was sort of with him until he went into Dead Poets Society mode: “I don’t own a cellphone because I don’t want to disappoint Henry David Thoreau,” he writes. I’m sure Henry David Thoreau would want Sernovitz to have a cell phone in case of emergencies. Which he’s had—he’s just borrowed other people’s cell phones when that’s happened.

The Story of My Secondhand Stuff

So here’s the story of my old stuff. It behooves me to say that I’m blessed with an extremely generous family, who’s helped me get on my feet in a variety of ways. Stuff is just stuff, sure, but everything comes with a story.

Everything I Own, Arranged Neatly

A pile of stuff.