Very Dry Fine Arts Summer Camp

I was a rising college junior, and very eager to take on adult workplace responsibilities such as “explaining why your policies are ineffective.”

Wet Hot American Soccer Camp

The first thing my boss ever said to me was, “You haven’t killed anyone have you?” This was at the soccer camp where I worked for two summers in college.

The Summer I Flipped A Car

The business opportunity seemed simple: D.J., who was closer to me in age than my dad, is a car enthusiast and had been working odd jobs in the industry, and he had somehow or another acquired a 1994 BMW 535i. This is a desirable car, he explained to me, but it had a few issues: It had been declared totaled by an insurance company, and so didn’t have a road-worthy title. It needed a new clutch and was currently in a tow lot, getting more expensive by the day.