Donating Sperm Maybe Worth It If You Can Handle Rejection

To get more men through the doors — and, presumably, more of the six-foot-tall doctors and barristers whose gametes parents crave — Britain’s national sperm bank is launching an advertising campaign that encourages men to “prove their manhood.”

Selling Girl Scout Cookies Where People Get the ‘Munchies’

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Lei sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

How Orchids Became So Cheap

Orchids are the best-selling potted flower in the U.S., even beating the poinsettia, which are bought to decorate homes all across the U.S. during the Christmas season. Rare orchids also sold for as much as $100,000, and were sometimes hunted by wealthy collectors who sometimes killed each other to get a new breed (see Susan Orleans’s The Orchid Thief). Now, big box retailers like Lowe’s sell orchids for as little as $5.48. How did the orchid get so cheap? According to The Wall Street Journal, places like Taiwan and the Netherlands have figured out a process of breeding orchids into a mass-production business, and now anyone can pop into home improvement or gardening shop and scoop up an orchid for a few dollars.

The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer

Jeff Winkler: So you’re a drug dealer? Part-time Drug Dealer: Yes. [Sound of his lighter flicking]. Jeff: What do you sell? PTDD: [Blows smoke] Marijuana.