Why You Should Upgrade Your Electronics At Least Once A Presidency

Because your phone’s been slow and poky and temperamental for almost a full year, and enough’s enough.

In Case of Locking Yourself Out

Popular Science reports that there is an iPhone app that allows you to digitally copy your keys, and use the digital copy to make a real copy at your local locksmith. It is kind of amazing, and also kind of terrifying in a James-Bond-spy-movie kind of way. I mean, you could essentially copy all of my keys into your phone if you’re visiting me and I’m in the bathroom, or whatever scenario will have me be somewhere else and my keys in front of you.

When It’s You Against the Bot Makers, You Lose

“This restaurant is amazing!” raves Bon App├ętit or a local popular reviewer or your friend. Reservations quickly become impossible to book at said reservation no matter how hard you try. Regular people move on to other options. People like Diogo Monica, a programmer who works for Square in San Francisco, build bots to get a reservation. And it turns out that his bot is competing with other bots to book tables.

I Once Made Calls With Gusto, Now I Unhappily Make Them With The Gusto II

Matt Powers is maybe a luddite but maybe is not.