Parks and Rec and Money

Parks and Rec has always been about ambition and aspiration, and I didn’t realize until very recently just how much it was about financial aspiration as well.

TV on the Internet

I paid for and enjoyed having cable television when I lived with roommates, but when I decided to live alone, keeping expenses low meant cutting the cable cord and not owning a television. I had a Netflix subscription with a two-DVDs-at-a-time plan, but even that was eventually whittled down to a $7.99 a month streaming-only subscription, supplemented with the occasional iTunes movie rental.

Wil Wheaton Asks Audience to Watch His Show in a Way That “Counts”

Why Women Should Watch The Good Wife

Why The Good Wife is a Good Show.

An Analysis of Financial Affairs in the Musical Drama, “Nashville”

Nashville is also a show about money—nearly all the plot points are driven by it.