The Complicated Costs of Marrying a Dual Citizen

My husband is an Italian citizen, but I am not. Consequently, although I’ve lived in Pescara the last three months, I am still legally a resident of Massachusetts. We’re waiting on a long-stay visa; until then, I’m here as a tourist.

The Fancier The Hotel, The Fewer The Freebies

Why is it that an $80 a night hotel will feed you and a $280 a night hotel will not? I’ve wondered this for years now, ever since staying in a swank Boston establishment for an academic conference.

The Cost of Learning to Drive

I don’t know that I believe in the freedom provided by road trips promised by so many American writers, sadly unattainable in an island nation that stretches 42 kilometres from east to west.

Bring on the Restaurant Surcharges

A restaurant in Brooklyn is adding a 3% Affordable Care Act surcharge to their checks. Good for them!

The Cost of Beauty at 40

Money I spend to maintain my over-40 looks—even while realizing that I’m in pursuit of unrealistic standards of beauty.

Remember When Halloween Was Free(ish)?

It seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do with red lipstick and a glue gun, but a trip to the Halloween costume store reveals those days are long gone.

The Cost Of Food In 2050

We all know that sea levels are rising, but the cost of food may be rising too. By how much?

Talking About the Cost of Potty Training With Jane Marie

“I’ve probably spent around $40 on baby underwear, but I am who I am and that might not be everyone’s bag. I just love lingerie.”

The Cost of Celebrating Your 5-Year-Old’s Birthday in Estonia

Parents dropped the children off and disappeared promptly at 11 a.m., answering the question I had been pondering of whether this was a drop-off party.

The Cost of Pulling Out My Hair

I’d never heard of trichotillomania—the official name for hair pulling disorder—until I was idly Googling in my college library one night. “No way,” I thought.