Meet John Munson, a Man Behind the Man Behind @GSElevator

Those who watch Twitter from a certain, occasionally perplexed vantage point took note recently as a long-running mystery was solved. John LeFevre, a former bond trader living in Texas, “was exposed” as the creator of @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip). The account passed along supposedly overheard sour nothings (more braggadocio and bon mots than actual gossip) straight from the black heart of America’s favorite financial institution to 647,000 followers. According to Dealbook’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, the identity of the gossip monger became the subject of a Wall Street “parlor game”: just who was GSElevator, and why would he risk his no-doubt lucrative career by sharing co-workers’s private (if insensitive) musings?

‘Income Inequality is Also Internet Inequality”

Heidi Moore has a new column out about the robber barons of the digital age: cable/internet providers who use their influential power in Washington to discourage competition and oversight so that they can continue charging whatever they want for internet access.

Google Island

This, by Mat Honan, is kind of incredible.

The Way We Stream Now

And if said movie isn’t on any of the streaming services, I go through the motions of either deciding on another movie to watch or paying for a streaming rental. Via David Rothschild, this site is also very helpful.