How Much Money Can You Spend on Lottery Tickets Before It Starts Getting Weird?

If I was spending $1,000 a year on something as uneventful as walking into a convenience store, grabbing a lottery ticket, going “eh, it didn’t win” and walking out, would I be able to recognize it?

Lucky Numbers: On Playing The Lottery While Broke

I never forgot it, that fortnight of financial gain. I know that the California Lottery was counting on the fact that I would never forget.

Win the Lottery, Keep Your Job

Winning $3.8 million is certainly enough to buy a new house, but is it enough to quit your job? What about $10 million? According to a new Gallup poll, 68 percent of American workers said they’d continue working even if they won $10 million in a lottery.

Lottery Players Think Myopically

Every month, Nautilus publishes essays, investigative stories, and works of fiction about science and chooses a theme. The theme for August is: “The Unlikely,” stories about understanding our odds and probabilities. Today, Adam Piore examines the sociology behind why we play the lottery, though if you’re looking to figure out whether or not you should play the lottery, see our story in May by Matt Levine.

Should You Play The Lottery?

To decide if you should play the lottery you need to compare the (tiny) chance of winning a giant amount of money, on the one hand, with a dollar, on the other. The simple way to do this is to assume that a one in a million chance of winning a million dollars is “worth” the same as a dollar. But, why?

A Village Wins the Lottery

One of my favorite things as a reader is to see a short, newsy story reported in the newspaper turn into a nice, in-depth magazine feature a year or so later (I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things I do outside of this blog is work at Longreads).

Lotto Winner Would Like to Fix Teeth, Visit Son