Hijinks at the Office

Porn at the Office

There was porn on my work computer—and tons of it.

What Various People in Various Industries Wear to Work

I basically tend to wear the same thing to work most days, but I’m interested in knowing how other people address what to wear to work, which is why I enjoy Bloomberg Businessweek’s series on what people wear to work. Christopher Hines, a 23-year-old associate product marketing manager wears pants from the Gap and custom-made shirts from Hong Kong. Jolie Anne O’Dell, a 31-year-old tech reporter for VentureBeat wears a lot of vintage clothing she finds. California Pizza Kitchen CEO G.J. Hart wears blue jeans and Robert Graham shirts, which usually features bold patterns. [See the series from Arianne Cohen here.]

The American Way of Checking Out

There a lot of reasons why so many of us are “checked out” at work, including decades of soaring productivity coupled with stagnant or declining wages, a tight job market where workers are considered replaceable, and a young generation of workers cobbling together work to get by while looking for a full-time job. But, according to the study, the main factor contributing to all the discontentment in the workplace has to do with having terrible bosses.

The Self-Governing Office

In this week’s New York magazine, Matthew Shaer examines workplaces that use “horizontal management” rather than hierarchical management—which basically means that things are run without traditional bosses and more like King Arthur’s round table where no one is seated at the head, and everyone sort of self-governs themselves.

The Open-plan Office

Do you work in an open-plan office? Would you be better off in a cubicle? Quartz explains why open-plan offices make us less productive (and also more likely to get sick).