Old People Can Be So Cute

60 Minutes does not mention that it also helps to be rich. According to US News:

Wealth and, more broadly, socioeconomic status, play a powerful role in determining how long we live.

Our Grandfathers Had Gumption

From The Onion, a report showing that 95 percent of grandfathers got a job by walking right up and just asking. “It just took gumption! You didn’t need some fancy internship.”

Filial Piety Becomes Law

In China, filial piety is so important that it has actually become law. The monetary support of filial piety is important because government assistance is limited and much of the elderly population depend on family support to get them their retirement years. And as someone who grew up in an Asian American household and watched my parents support my grandparents, and was told I would one day support them too, none of this is really surprising to me. Different cultures have different ways of doing money (see the tanda story).