What ‘Transparent’ Can Teach Us About Money, Marriage, & Maybe Even Ourselves

‘Transparent’ offers a critique of the traditional marriage plot in fiction and onscreen, financial implications and all.

Billing The Patriarchy For My Emotional Labor

No one asked me to anticipate when we’ll need more toilet paper and find out which store has the best deal on an economy pack, either. My emotional labor is automatic, a kind of compulsion.

The Costs Of Trauma

But as someone who has experienced a school shooting, I find it illuminating to look at how we describe the intangible costs of trauma.

A Low Cost DIY Approach to Depression! Caveat: It Doesn’t Work

For 10-plus years, I’ve taken a do-it-yourself approach to dealing with anxiety and depression.

The “Pick Two” Journalism Lunch Special: Money, Meaning, or Morals

Only the rich can afford to cover poverty — and that’s bad for everyone.

How To Do Wedding Registries Right

I’m wise to the ways of the Wedding Industrial Complex (WIC). I saw right through the Swarovski crystal-studded centerpieces and believed that, if I were ever to wed, my awareness immunized me from the highly contagious Bridezilla virus. But now that I’m engaged, I realize how easily it spreads.

When Doing What You Love Doesn’t Pay: What Next?

The notion that the perfect book/sculpture/performance equals the perfect life stems from a deep-seated belief that if “you can be the ideal artist and be so in touch with your creativity, everything else will just fall into place,” says Clayman.