I Am Addicted to Airbnb (Money)

In 2015, I raised the rate to $600 per night with a three-night minimum. It’s already booked at that rate for 2016.

Full-Time Dad, Part-Time Uber Driver

My primary responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad of three consist of breaking up toddler fights before they go from hilarious to incapacitating and somehow finding a way to pay half of our household bills. To do the latter, I’ve held a variety of part-time and odd-hour jobs.

Ford Wants to Sell You a Car You Can’t Afford, Then Let You Rent it Out to Make the Payments

Ford’s new Peer-2-Peer Sharing program includes the option to finance a Ford car and then rent it through the peer-to-peer carshare system Getaround to earn money for the monthly payments.

“Our Laws Weren’t Written With This Economy in Mind”: Susie Cagle on the Gig Economy

Two days ago we looked at the decoupling of productivity and wages, courtesy of Hank and John Green.
Now, journalist and artist Susie Cagle helps us look at another decoupling: one of employers and employees.

Two More Reasons to Feel Awkward About Using Uber