We Are All Yuppies Now

“We have so deeply internalized the values of the yuppie that we have ceased to notice when one is in our midst — or when we have become one ourselves.”

The Pros and Cons Of Collective Living

“The $1,000 federal Child Tax Credit, for example, is much less generous than the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars.”


At The Root, Demetria Lucas writes about a phenomenon that is happening among young adults: “fronting,” or running up deep debts to project the professional success they aim to achieve (“fake it till you make it,” “dress for the job you want,” etc. etc.). Lucas tells the story of a friend who wanted to launch himself as a nightlife entrepreneur.

The Great Indoors

In Pacific Standard, Paul Hiebert discusses how the increase in the number of people working from home, shopping online, and ordering groceries for delivery means fewer reasons to ever have to leave your apartment/house.

My Storage War

Yes, I had a storage unit for two years. It held a mattress and box spring, an old television, a few pieces of tattered hand-me-down grad school furniture and sagging cardboard filled with kitchenware and books and computer speakers.