If The Whiskey Bubble Pops, At Least It’ll Be Delicious

Saving Gangnam Style

The first time I saved over $10,000 in a year I was 26, and I moved to Seoul to teach English. I had previous experience teaching English, so I easily got a job at one of the more respected schools that mostly taught business people, with the occasional rich kid thrown in. My school was in an office building less than 100 yards from the Gangnam subway station, and I worked a split shift, which meant arriving at 6:30 am and leaving at 9 pm. In theory, you get the middle of the day off, but in practice, there were so many private lessons, most teachers worked throughout the day.

The Year We Saved $10K: Paying the Imaginary Mortgage

The Year We Saved $10K: I Try to Live Below the Salt

Ruzielle: This year is the year I have saved over $10,000, and I did it because I’m incredibly lucky and also, I have serious workaholic tendencies. I spend my days off scouring the internet to make extra cash on the side—read: mock jury research, usability research ($50 an hour? Holla!), focus groups, etc.—and I take any chance I get to work overtime. Two years ago, I worked three jobs to beef up my savings and because: workaholic tendencies. Right now, I make okay-ish money for an unmarried woman without kids or animal friends ($45,000 plus range). I’m also a unicorn—I have zero consumer and/or “life happened” debt, zero car payments, and zero student loans.

The Year We Saved $10K: Playing The Hands We’re Dealt

Today’s “The Year We Saved $10K” stories both come from people who claim their stories are “boring” and “not dramatic,” but NO SAVINGS STORY IS EVER BORING.

The Year We Saved $10K: Cue ‘Braveheart’ Soundtrack

Jen: I feel quite lucky that I was able to save so much over the past 12 months. For me it was a confluence of three events, I think.

First, my salary got bumped up by $15,000; for me, that was a significant increase. It came about in a slightly interesting way. I was in charge of hiring someone junior to me, and to get him we had to make a higher offer than we normally would. My manager knew that I knew what he was making, and all of a sudden my salary got bumped up. I know I should probably have asked for a raise and I actually was planning to, but I got lucky and didn’t have to.

The Year We Saved $10K: All That Saving Hurt

In this installment of “The Year We Saved $10K,” we have two stories from people in the legal industry.

The Things We Did to Fund Our Honeymoon

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to break the cycle of “we’ll do it one day.” We could go on our honeymoon. We just had to be creative about it.

The Year We Saved $10K: It Was Like Shopping For A New Life