I Tried to Watch Star Wars and This is What Happened

Turns out you can’t watch any of the Star Wars movies online — at least not until 2016, when Disney’s new deal with Netflix kicks in.

WINTER IS COMING Time to Watch Some Movies

That was my favorite part of Interstellar: sitting in the theater. Especially since it was 3 hours.

Paying for Theaters vs Waiting for Netflix

The Internet as Bargain Bin

In his essay “The Death of the Bargain Bin” in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, Kevin Lincoln writes about the pre-Netflix days when he’d go to a store like F.Y.E. or Tower Records and find bundles of DVDs in the bargain section—40 of them for $15—and learn about films like Robot Monster, a 1953 science fiction film about a robot alien who sets out to kill the last remaining humans on Earth in a dystopian future only to fall in love with a scientist’s daughter.