The Razors You Should Buy for Your Face And Other Parts Also

Emergency Gear for the Next Time We Have Emergencies

Brian and Co. at The Wirecutter have put together a roundup of very useful emergency gear to throw in your emergency-go bag to prepare yourself for the next disaster that comes (and there probably will be many more disasters to come in our lifetimes).

What You Need to Know About the New iPhone If You Care About the New iPhone

The Fan You’ll Want to Have When It’s Hot

When the heat and humidity set in this summer, I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I’m able to work in an air-conditioned office.

I’d Like A Big (Cheap!) TV, Please

Our pal Brian Lam knows that if we want a big TV, we’ll want the one that’s good, but also priced as low as possible. This is the TV he recommends.